Rosemary vs Aliie in Smash WrestlingCody Rhodes following his match in Smash WrestlingBraxton Sutter delivers the win against DaveyFacade (green) vs Tarik at Smash WrestlingRosemary enters the arenaEric Bischoff during a seminar before Riverworks WrestlingSami Callahan after defeating Braxton SutterRosemary before her match in a Steel CageBill Collier on the corner Riverworks WrestingDennis DiPaolo giving Dick "Destroyer" Beyer a Hall of Fame plaqueTyson Dux locks Tarik in the crossfaceBraxton gives a shower to the fansEthan Page in shock from the refereeThe aftermath of hitting Bill Collier with a title beltBrent Banks (left) and Mike Bailey (right) collide into Mike RollinsMaximo Suave hits a dive inside a Steel CageMaximo with a crimson mask while in the cageExhaustion following the matchCody Deaner knee