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Grizzled face of the championBobby LashleyTarik delivers and elbow onto a chairCody Deaner kneeBraxton Sutter delivers the win against DaveyBraxton gives a shower to the fansRosemary enters the arenaTyson Dux locks Tarik in the crossfaceSami Callahan after defeating Braxton SutterBrent Banks (left) and Mike Bailey (right) collide into Mike RollinsCody Rhodes following his match in Smash WrestlingFacade (green) vs Tarik at Smash WrestlingRosemary vs Aliie in Smash WrestlingRosemary before her match in a Steel CageExhaustion following the matchMaximo with a crimson mask while in the cageMaximo Suave hits a dive inside a Steel CageThe aftermath of hitting Bill Collier with a title beltBill Collier on the corner Riverworks WrestingEthan Page in shock from the referee